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Selling Chametz 2023

All Chametz (food not acceptable during Pesach, or materials containing such unacceptable food) shall be destroyed, given away or ritually "sold" before the holiday begins. To sell chametz that has not been removed from the house in preparation for the holiday, separate it from other food and store it in such a way that you will be sure not to use it during the holiday, By filling out the form below and entering into the terms set forth there, the ownership of the food will be transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday ends.

Please complete the form below no later than 10:00am on Wednesday, April 5th.

By completing this form, I fully empower and permit Rabbi Eric Rosin to act in my behalf to sell all the chametz possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as defined by the Torah and rabbinical law, and to lease all places wherein chametz owned may be found. This transaction will be in effect for the duration of Pesach, which this year begins with sundown on April 5th. Donations for those in need (Maot Chittim), may be made to our Tikkun Olam Fund. Kol Shalom will make a contribution to Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger. And to this I hereby affix my signature on this day of


Enter a quantity, suggested amount $36.
Proceeds will go to Mazon. Click here to learn more.


Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Mail or bring your check directly to Kol Shalom
9110 Darnestown Rd, Rockville MD
Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783